Name: Chase Mitchell A.K.A Rebirth

Alias: Renagade

Gender: Male

Skills: mastered every fighting style known to man. master detective. Genius

Abilities: Energy Vision. Doesn’t Age. Asterokinesis. Ergokinesis. Superhuman reflexes.Indestructible Bones and Joints. Q4 Scale Super Strength. Super Speed. Self Sustenance  Regenerative Healing. Flight

Height: 6ft 8in

Weight: 243 lb

Maximum strength: 2 Quadrillion tons

Tools/ weapon: The Wizourian(Wiz-or-ian) Ruby

Maximum Speed:1400 MPH

Family: The Immortals

Costume: Veyron-tech Battle Suit

Team/Crew: The Immortals

Origin story:

Quantum saw a vision from the future in which a war broke loose between the Angel Guardians and the Lyxe.  This war  took place in the Heaven realm ended up on earth and billions of innocent human lives were transformed into Lyxe.(Creatures of Darkness)Those Lyxe Sought a war with what few humans remained. It just so happens the only ones left to fight for humanity were The Enforcers and group of ten glowing figures. At first Quantum didn’t know who those figures were, but then he realized it was another group of superheroes that would be necessary to win the war, but they  didn’t exist yet and as Quantum figured this out the figures become clear as day, unlike before looking at the figures was like seeing a group of people made out of the sun.  

After this the vision ended and Quantum got started right away. He created a new man this man was 35 6 feet and 8 inches tall he was a completely normal man except for the fact that he had no childhood and no memories. Quantum took on his physical form and went to earth to speak with the man. When Quantum arrived he introduced himself then he told the man who he was and why he was created. Quantum then gave him a choice either choose to live a normal happy life and in that case Quantum would add 35 years to his lifespan or choose the life he was intended to have and become the leader of the new superhero team called The Immortals. Quantum gave the man all the Knowledge he needed and free will like everyone else. He chose the life of a superhero. The man asked Quantum what his name was then Quantum said that’s up to you. The man then chose a nickname and this name was “Rebirth”. He then chose his real name and this name was “Chase Mitchell”. After this Chase then chose a superhero name and this name is “Renagade”.  

Then Quantum gave Chase the superpowers he thought were appropriate. He then told Chase to find the Enforcers and tell them what was going to happen.