Anti hero

Name: Jason Spar

Alias: Quantum

Gender: Male

Skills: Experienced Fighter

Abilities:OMNIPOTENCE Super Speed. Super Strength. Regenerability. Absolute Invulnerability. Flight. Can create dimensions and planets. Electricity manipulation and generation. Can generate portals with his Tomahawk. Dark Matter generation and manipulation. Magic. Absolute Immortality. Anatomical Liberation. Mobile invulnerability. Immutability. Matter Ingestion. Self Sustenance. Also every other superpower and ability

Height: 6ft 6in

Weight: 230lb

Maximum strength: Unlimited

Tools/ weapon: Indestructible Energy pistol. Indestructible Tomahawk.

Family: Two Step-brothers: Jason Mclean and Blake Winston

Origin story:

Quantum has simply always existed. He had no beginning as he will have no end. He  is so powerful that there is literally nothing he can't do. Quantum once destroyed an entire evil dimension by just simply snapping his fingers. That was only in his physical form not his true form. He is so powerful there was literally no way to test his power. One event demonstrated  this when he was teleported to a universe that was about to explode. Quantum singlehandedly evacuated four hundred thousand planets each  containing ten billion people in a matter of 1 millisecond. After which right as the universe  was about to explode he held the universe in his hand and contained the explosion. The explosion had a force of four hundred  billion decillion supernovas. After this the universe  remained intact but everything in it was destroyed, so Quantum rebuilt everything including  all the planets in a matter of 8 minutes. Then relocated all the people that he had evacuated into their new homes. Quantum has been described  by many as the glue that holds everything thing together. All the force of the entire  universe  exploding was contained but had to go somewhere so it was infused in Quantum himself and stayed there until  he returned  home to earth and picked up his Tomahawk. Thats when the force became permanently infused with his Tomahawk. This had increased the weight of the Tomahawk to 80 lbs. Quantum's speed is also unparalleled. He is faster than time itself which means that  he can go from one location to an entirely  different location in a matter of no time at all. Which is basically teleportation. Quantum's Abilities come with his life force which  means that as long as he's alive he can never die. Quantum has true OMNIPOTENCE. He is beyond life and death because he created life. Quantum however didn't create death nor evil. Death is a mystery even Quantum can't solve with his supreme knowledge.