Blake Winston






Military training. Karate.


Insane Healing factor. Super strength. Speed in excess of 30 mph when running.  Flight speed in excess of mach 40,000=30,440,000 MPH.  Can breathe under water. Perfect  eyesight.


6ft 3in


240 lb

Maximum strength:

400 tons

Tools/ weapon:

Indestructible Katana 


1 cousin =Jason McLean A.K.A: ANNIHILATION 


Made from a unknown indestructible fabric


The Enforcers

Origin story:

A self raised  teenager  trained to be an elite soldier. First joined the military  after college. He received his abilities when he was shot  by his best  friend who turned out to be a  traitor who was secretly  working  with the  Russian government. Oddly enough the bullets were radioactive and  made from an unknown and untested supermetal that appeared to have no weaknesses. The scientist that designed the bullets thought the low levels of radiation was harmless because  the ratio of organic matter to radioactive matter was 28 to 2. What he didn't know was when the bullet got lodged in his stomach it was the perfect temperature for the radioactive cells to multiply.  After he was shot and showed signs of healing at an extraordinary  rate. The clip with the radioactive  bullets was stolen from the vault inside the military  base. After he found out the clip was stolen he left the military  to find  the thief.  Blake's nickname in the military  was Alivelake because  he would always say "look alive boys" and he revived three of his teammates. All three of those times he was near a lake. It appears  this new mercenary had his first  mission. Go home and reunite with his cousin and have him help with the  Tracking the thief  and stop him from  making  any more weird creatures by mistake. But if he was too late kill it before it could kill innocent people. He learned  Karate when his apartment  was broken into and the thief whose name was Jeff couldn't  afford  to replace his things. So Jeff offered to teach him Karate as a payment Jeff was a student in Logan Chase’s Dojo. It turns out that Jeff besides being able to teach Blake Karate he was also a brilliant doctor who was laid off and just trying to provide for himself. So Blake asked him if he would be his personal doctor just in case his new abilities took a turn for the worse. Blake went to a pawn shop and bought a katana. Then after He had his cousin train him on how to incorporate the katana into his Karate. After that he spent hours sharpening it then he gave it to his cousin Jason McLean  for the "XBRAVO" treatment.