Name: Jason McLean


Gender: Male

Skills: Advance Technology. Engineering. Karate. Stealth.

Abilities: Perfect eyesight

Height: 6ft 4in

Weight: 230lb

Maximum strength: 800lb

Tools/weapon: Indestructible suit of advance battle armor. Suits abilities include intangible form,  missiles,  grappling hooks, rocket shoes, E.M.P cannon, minigun, invisible form and a built in oxygen supply

Maximum strength with body armor: 10,000 tons

Perks: trillionaire, is in charge of the ”X” treatment. Also owns a teleporter.He also aided in the curing of cancer.

Family: 1 cousin= Blake Winston A.K.A:


Origin story:

Who is Jason Mclean, the world’s first trillionaire , the founder of Zonium and helped  in the curing of cancer. Also he is  the hero known as Annihilation. Jason Mclean grew up in a rich family. Never went to college. He was trained in the ways of Karate. After mastering  this fighting style he drew closer and closer to his cousin Blake Winston. But when Jason’s parents died in a car accident he and Blake drew further and further apart. Then after Blake finished college he joined the military. Before Jason's parents died they left all their money to Jason. That’s how he became he became a millionaire. He was living comfortably  and thats when he got the letter from the military saying that Blake has been victim to an act of treason and that meant he got shot and was in critical condition. After hearing that the only family he had left was hurt and on death row or so he was lead to believe. It appears the military didn’t tell him the whole story. After hearing the news about Blake and also the tragic loss of his parents. He was so depressed that  he decided to take a hike in the mountains to clear his mind and thats when he found a cave. After walking around Inside the cave for a while he found a  slow moving waterfall so he grabbed a rock and threw it into the water then fished it out with a stick then he pulled his gun out of his holster and he shot the rock. The rock however did something he wasn’t expecting, the rock didn't  break so he shot it again and again and still the rock was spotless so he kept the rock and nicknamed the liquid Zonium. After which he bought the property with the mountain on it and just for fun he dug into the ground and struck oil and thats how he became a billionaire. Weeks passed  by Jason spent his time experimenting with the Zonium. He found out that when you put something  inside  it like a sheet of steel or really any solid object it fuses the molecules together in a way that leaves the object unchanged just making it indestructible. Thats when he created  the "X" treatment.  Thats when you can send in a car parts and he'll give the parts  a Zonium bath for 200 dollars. After pondering the subject for a while he come to the conclusion that Zonium was too valuable and dangerous to transport  by any traditional methods. So after weeks of tinkering in his lab he created the first teleporter. He planned to use it to transport the Zonium from the mountain to his lab. After watching the news he found out that a certain species of frog was immune to cancer and that its DNA holds the key to a cancer cure, but if the blood is exposed to oxygen for more than two seconds its effects can be extremely negative. Also it would amplify the cancer cells making it impossible to cure or even treat it for that matter. The scientists over at Ramtech found this out but not after accidentally killing the only frog they had to study. The solution would normally be to gather more frogs to study but the frog lives in a small toxic part of Russia and the toxin is too powerful for gas masks or chemical suits and the frog is too delicate to lift out by machine. Also sending people there to study the frog would violate the peace treaty America has with Russia thus causing chain reaction and starting World War three. After hearing about this Jason arranged an appointment with the President. Jason told the President to share the possible cure with Russia in hopes of letting American scientists conduct research in Russia without breaking the peace treaty. The President agreed with his idea and he told him to come up with a way to gather the samples undetected  in case Russia said no. Jason got to work right afterwards. Jason first chose to tackle the Breathing problem so he decided to create an all new gasmask that could transform the carbon dioxide you breath out into fresh oxygen. After doing so he immediately  saw it had much more potential. So he sold his helmet to the government and that’s how he became a trillionaire. Then the government started a training  program so soldiers  could learn how to use it in battle situations. The program even had its own training  robot that could adapt to its opponent's strengths and weaknesses.Then Jason got a phone call from the President it was to notify Jason that Russia said no to the deal. The President said that we would have to send in a stealth Op. Jason Told the President to leave it to me because he didn’t want to risk the lives of American  soldiers the President agreed and gave the op to Jason. When Jason created his teleporter he kept no records of anything so it took him twice as long as it would have normally. After he was done he wrote a note to himself saying everything he needs to know about the machine. Then he wiped a small part of his memory so he couldn’t recall how to build it. So basically he was extremely responsible with his invention. The teleporter also won him the inventor of the century award for 300 million dollars. It has been two months since he received the letter about blake and he was finally starting to learn how to cope with the loss of his parents and his cousin. Thats when Jason decided to improve on his gasmask thats when he went a little overboard and made a weaponized suit of battle armor for himself and it ended up being the first thing to receive the “X” treatment. He called the suit the Mockingbird. He also used the suit’s stealth capabilities to retrieve the frog unharmed.  He did this all without being seen by the Russian government. And it turns out the  Ramtech scientists ended up being right about the frog curing cancer. This of course won him the Nobel prize and even more money but he refused the money and donated it to his charity that pays for cancer patients so they could get treated with the cure for free. The day he did that was the day Blake made it back home. Jason was in the backyard testing the Mockingbirds weapons  and thats when he saw a car drive up the driveway and Blake came out of the car Jason saw him and he ran over to him and said: “What happened I thought you were dead?” After telling Jason about  his new powers and how they have to find the thief who stole the bullets. After Jason told him everything  he has been through lately he made him a Battle suit and gave it a Zonium bath. Then after giving  Blake's katana a Zonium bath for free of course  he trained  him on how to use it.